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Chairperson's Update - July 2023

Well, what a season it has been! All the plays received a warm welcome. We kicked off with

J.B Priestley’s ‘Time and the Conways’ which received three nominations from GMDF:

Evie Prescott – Best female youth actor

Anna Sewart – Best female youth actor

Liam Stuckey – Best male youth actor

Thanks must go to Ryan for his work in directing these young actors and getting the very

best out of them.

The pantomime (‘Sleeping Beauty), as usual, was sold out and received seven nominations:

Paul Lewis – Best dame

Liz Bradbury – Best villain

Jill Barney – Best fairy

Maisie Hinde – Best principal girl

Liam Stuckey – Best principal boy

Evie Prescott – Best comedy performance

Emma Haughton – Best choreographer

Thanks to Charlie for another fabulous script.

This was followed in February by a highly successful, ’60 Years of Musicals’. Thanks to

James for co-ordinating this and recruiting some amazing singers. Luke did an amazing job

pulling the numbers together and coaching all involved. Emma introduced some fantastic

choreography for the children and youth and roped me in to play Miss Hanigan from ‘Annie’!

Next, we had ‘Bride for a Vampire’, directed by Cheryl. Another successful production with

an innovative set thanks to Jackie and her team. It was a pleasure to welcome a young

talented actor, Jack Sweet, who played Alacaurd in his many guises.

Finally, we finished with ‘Bazaar and Rummage’ a Sue Townsend play about women and

their struggles. This was Gaelle’s debut as a director and a fine job she did working with the

actors to develop some wonderfully rounded characters.

The week after we hosted the GMDF One Act Festival. We had three entries, ‘Harry Ring,

Lord of the Potters’ (best junior production), ‘RIP Mr Shakespeare’ (best joint youth

production and best presentation) both directed by Cheryl and ‘It’s Good to Talk’, our adult

entry written by Charlie. In addition, Ollie Carter won best performance in the junior section;

Liam Stuckey won best performance in the youth section and outstanding actor in the whole

festival! Also, pleased to announce that Fiona Shirley won a certificate of merit for her

performance in ‘It’s Good to Talk’.

Thanks to all who helped, particularly, Jackie for her delicious catering and Gaelle for stage

managing throughout the week. It was an intense week but well worth the effort to get us

more widely known.

Next season is now finalised, and most parts were cast after very successful open auditions

on 2nd April. All the plays are now fully cast.

The Youth Theatre continues to go from strength as you can see from the nominations we

received. On that note I will be giving up leading the Next Generation so that younger people

can take on that role!

Jackie and Christine continue to look after and maintain the theatre. Thanks to Christine for

sorting out our blocked drain by organising the repair of said offending drain. We intend to

have the upstairs bar floor seen to over the summer. This is to alleviate the squeaking and

noise heard in the auditorium. It will be a big job and Jackie will oversee.

Please do support us next year. We still need to raise audience figures for the plays. You

won’t be disappointed!


Next Season 2023/24

The Importance of Being Earnest

By Oscar Wilde

3 rd - 7 th October 2023

Director: Chris Hall

Mother Goose

By Charlie Cook

5 th – 10 th December 2023

Directors: Jackie Vandyes/Christine Blease

Whipping It Up

By Steve Thompson

20 th – 24 th February 2024

Director: Helen Tyler

The Kitchen Sink

By Tom Wells

16 th – 20 th April 2024

Director: Ryan Ellershaw

World of Musicals

24th – 30 th June 2024

Co-ordinator: James Hinde

13 th /14 th July – The Academy ‘Harry Ring, Lord of the Potters’ and Next Generation

‘The Trouble with Teenagers’ (curtain up 7pm)

15 th /16 th July – Hire Tom Cliff School of Dance

18 th July – ‘RIP Mr Shakespeare’, Young Actors Company and ‘It’s Good to Talk’,

Adult entry GMDF One Act

20 th July – AGM 7.45pm

28 th /29 th July – GMDF Full Act Awards’ Evenings

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